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Why Getting Your Daily Steps In Is Beneficial To Your Health (Do you hit 10,000 a day?!)

Why Getting Your Daily Steps In Is Beneficial To Your Health (Do you hit 10,000 a day?!)

Why should I be walking 10,000 steps a day?

Setting fitness goals for your busy life is beneficial to your health for numerous reasons, but sometimes the thought of doing an intense workout prevents us from exercising all together. This is why you should incorporate walking 10,000 steps a day into your routine. It's an easy way to get active without feeling sore or tired from a workout. You can do this with your kids, while walking your dog, while listening to your favorite music/podcast or with friends to de-stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The average American is walking around 3,000-4,000 steps daily, so you may already be close to hitting half of your 10,000 step goal just from walking around your house or running errands! (According to Mayo Clinic).

What walking does for your health

Here are some of the scientifically backed benefits of taking a walk. 

  • Banish the blues. Feeling glum? A walk might be just the thing. Getting moving, even if you’re simply putting one foot in front of the other, jumpstarts your brain’s neurotransmitters that support a good mood (think: endorphins). If you can choose a walking route that takes you through nature, all the better, since being outdoors is also linked to mood improvement. 

  • Help your health. Walking on a regular basis reduces your blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. 10,000 steps is about 5 miles, so if you do this daily- you're walking about 35 miles a week! 

  • Boost your brain. Studies have shown that walking can help your brain perform its best. Regularly walking can do everything from improving your focus to minimizing memory loss. It even seems to be linked to a greater volume of grey matter (which is an indicator of brain health). 

  • Watch your weight. Walking is an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight. People who take 10,000-15,000 steps a day are statistically more likely to have healthy BMIs. And, sure, 15,000 steps a day is a lot. But if you use your breaks at work for a quick stroll and choose a parking spot further away on a regular basis, you can get there. 

  • Want to get more from your walk? Choose an uphill route and pick up the pace. 

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