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Great taste

I had purchased the smaller 4-pack and loved it so much that I bought the 12-pack. Can't go wrong with this product. Is tasty, satisfying, and leaves absolutely no aftertaste like a lot of protein drinks do. Love it!

Awesome product!

I loved this sample pack so much that I purchased a 12-pack of the bottles. Tastes great and is satisfying when craving a little protein!

Amazing taste

Love this drink! So easy and tasty for a quick breakfast or post cardio session for me. With working from home, I’m sure many of you would also love the grab & go to tour desk or between meetings, without a mess of powders and blenders etc

Cafe latte is the worst flavor

Chocolate and vanilla are way better. I drink coffee every day and this tastes disgusting I am so mad I bought 2-3 boxes assuming it would be delicious like the chocolate and vanilla. Be smarter than me and stick to classics!


Even my 19 yr old son thinks this iconic is a terrific way to get his proteins and veggies.

Best Shake Ever

Our favorite flavor. Love the macros. So delicious too. We drink one almost everyday for breakfast or a snack.

Best Vanilla Protein Shakes

We love these vanilla protein shakes and alternate between the chocolate and vanilla almost every day. They are so easy for breakfast or a snack. Love the macros too.

Great option after a workout

As a low-carb and high-protein drink, the Iconic Protein drinks are my go-to choice after a workout. They are lightweight, easy to carry in a bag and an easy source of protein after the gym.

Overall, the Chocolate Truffle has a rich, authentic cocoa flavor and is satisfying to drink. My one complaint is the "fake sugar" aftertaste, which is attributable to the organic stevia extract used. However, this is a common issue with alternative sweeteners and a worthwhile tradeoff for lowering the carbs. Excellent drink otherwise.

Excellent product

Hi protein and nutritious. Wonderful taste albeit super expensive.

Diet and Carbohydrates

The taste is great. I have a truffle each morning and keep my carbohydarte count down so that I can last until noon. At noon then I have more flexibility in what I can eat and how many carbohydrates I can consume.

Thanks for another tool in maintaining my weight.


The Cafe Latte has been my favorite flavor since the moment I discovered Iconic Protein, and I was beyond pumped when the powder form was released. I make a spinach/Iconic smoothie every work day, so the powder is more economic for me. It's the bee's knees! It tastes almost exactly like the premixed bottles and even saves a few calories being able to choose what you mix it with. I love it. Please don't discontinue. Or at least give me fair warning so I can buy a pallet before you do.

Love It!

I love this, it taste like real coffee, and don't have the strong aftertaste like the new formula . I wish it came in the bottle!! Please!!

Iconiic Protein Powder Vanilla

I love it! IT tastes great and nutrtious

Favorite protein overall, but I do prefer their ready made shakes

I'm rating 5 stars because there's nothing wrong with the protein (in fact, it's my favorite taste of any I've tried!), I just have to mention the taste of the ready made protein drinks from them is even better... I bought the powder to save some money, but I might have to go back!

Tastes Great

Tastes great and satisfying after my run.


The powder is one of the best I’ve tried. It is so easy to use and mix. Even with water it made a nice creamy drink that is delicious and filling.

Yummy Protein Drink

I first bought a vanilla and a cafe latte at a store to try before committing to a full order. I absolutely loved them! I signed up for the subscription for them both. They are my go drinks for a quick on the go meal or an afternoon pick me up! Love Iconic!

pretty good

I bought a sample pack coffee latte. I like that they have low sugar, but I am used to somewhat sweeter tasting drinks so this is taking time to get used to.

Great pre workout fuel

Not only is this protein powder delicious, I found if I drink it about an hour before my workout, I have more energy and can push myself a little longer. It also mixes smooth and there is no grit like some protein powders.

Best protein shake ever!!!!!!

This is hands down the best protein shake I have ever tried. There is no unpleasant aftertaste like you get with other protein shakes. I love it!!!


Love the taste and nutrition info. Been drinking these for 3 years now!

Pretty Good

The shakes are pretty good, they don't have a chalky thick feel, but not a too watery taste either. That said, I prefer the coffee and vanilla as compared to the chocolate and cacao green because they taste a bit like chocolate water to me, but that's just me. While I know what flavors I will now buy rather than the sample pack, I wish they didn't include a second green incase it's not for you. They all taste better cold.

I wish they had more vitamins/minerals in their shakes as I replace a meal with them, but I am really glad that they include fiber while other protein shakes don't.

Best I've had so far!

These are delicious drinks. I prefer them over ice. My favorite is vanilla but they are all good. I used to drink premier, but after comparing ingredients I definitely feel more comfortable and safe with iconic.


Real, Whole foods are ideal but he’s 3, and that just doesn’t always happen. I got these as a supplement for his extra picky days. No sugar (but still sweet, thanks to stevia), a full serving of veggies per drink, balanced protein and fat with no garbage ingredients. He loves these! They’re not an everyday thing for us but having them as an option to make his snacks/meals slightly more caloric and balanced has been really great. I’ll be ordering more and subscribing so we keep these on hand. Another popular organic brand also has a kids style protein drink, it’s available at costco making it convenient and tempting - but don’t be fooled. Despite being organic, the ingredients just don’t compare to iconic.

Added bonus, these don’t *have* to be refrigerated (although, when home we keep them in the fridge) so you can throw them in a bag to take on hikes/play dates/ doctors appointments whatever. We’ve only tried the chocolate kind, might try the vanilla eventually!

Best protein powder EVER

I heard about Iconic from a family member. I am very picky about taste and after taste of protein powders. She was right, Iconic is great. The taste is fantastic, and there is no after taste, by far the best protein powder I’ve tried. I highly recommend. Only thing I would change is having the bag seal better.