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Best Tasting!

This is the best tasting protein drink I have ever had! It’s super easy and quick to drink. Never drinking anything else!

So good!

I love Vanilla Bean! It tastes great, and there is no after taste.

Morning boost

Perfect blend of java and flavor to start my day.


I haven’t been able to use other whey products. I can this! And I doesn’t have the expected taste; it’s better, kind of like a “pumpkin” spice.

Thick n creamy

I love this flavor. It’s so rich & creamy. Perfect healthy indulgence


So far everything has been amazing. The chocolate truffle flavor is my favorite, with the vanilla bean in second.

Love it!

Great taste! Texture is very smooth and not thick!

Best on the market!

I’ve been drinking Iconic for a couple of years now. It is by far the best tasting, cleanest and highest quality protein shake that I have tried, and it tastes great! I find the ginger and turmeric interesting and delicious. I enjoy all of the flavors, really, and it is great to know I’m putting great ingredients in my body.

Delicious and Filling

I ordered these to help jumpstart my diet and it’s easy to make smoothies with the vanilla flavor. Delicious meal replacement especially when on the go.


Love this drink!

Great for cooking!

Love this protein! Perfect for cooking. Add it to eggs, soups, and more!


This is the perfect on the go protein drink that I need post workout while I run around town. It tastes delicious without being overly sweet.

Awesome on ice

I just tried the Cacao and Greens protein shake. I was in a hurry and I didn’t have time to refrigerate it, so I poured it over ice in a to-go cup. Wow! It tased like a premium chocolate milk. Not overly sweet and I couldn’t taste the greens at all. Nice job! I’m happy I ordered a 12-pack.

Great Taste

I have tried the Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Truffle flavors and have enjoyed both very much. I told my sister about this product and she is going to try it. I will tell my WW friends as well. Since there is only 2 WW points per bottle I know it will make a hit.

Great Product

My daughter loves the Vanilla Bean and my favorite was the Chocolate Truffle. Can't believe how tasty they were. Going to try the powder next.

Best Way to Start the Day

Drinking an Iconic Chocolate Truffle shake first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee gets me rolling. Healthy and tasty!

Tastes like coffee.. but with protein

Great taste, highly recommended with 20g of protein


Actually taste great unlike many other brands!

Delicious & Protein Powered

Love iconic protein. Doesn’t have that nasty gritty taste that other brands do.

I like to have the caffe latte right before work for a quick meal on the go and for some caffeinated goodness.

I just wish this batch included their coconut matcha flavor!

Best ever!

This is the best protein I’ve ever had! Doesn’t mess up your gut and it tastes great!


Love the taste and fluffiness of this protein! No chalky after taste! Best ever!

Love this flavor!

These protein drinks taste just like a Starbucks coffee frappuccino. I absolutely love the taste and they definitely don't taste low carb. These are the perfect grab and go snack/fueler for mid morning or mid afternoon.

The best shakes! Thank you!

The best shake ever made! My whole family drinks them! Thank you for making a shake that I actually enjoy drinking.


This is my new favorite flavor