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My shipment arrived safely. I am familiar with the chocolate and the cafe latte flavored drinks, as well as the vanilla (my definite favorite). Two of the flavors in the sample pack were new to me. I tried the turmeric ginger drink - sorry, I really did not like it. The cacao and greens drink is in my fridge; I will try that one in the next few days. Thank you for the coupon - I plan to use it soon.
Elizabeth Barkerding

My new favorite protein!

I've always been looking for a protein powder that I know tastes great and is grass-fed. I'm so glad I came across ICONIC Protein from Kylie Ross! I have now tried both the chocolate and vanilla flavor. Both of them are very creamy, not chalky at all, and have a natural taste to them.

Excellent taste.

I have never found a protein drink that tasted good, until I tried your sample pack, and fell in love with the cafe latte. It is delicious. I also like the fact that it is low in sugar and lactose free. I am a vegetarian who doesn't eat a lot, so getting enough protein was an issue. Not anymore. Thanks Iconic!


This is my new favorite by far. Great taste and texture, creamy. It’s like drinking a Frappuccino

My favorite flavor of all the protein drinks I have tried.

I recently ordered two flavors of Iconic brand protein drinks to try this brand. I was totally pleased and surprised to find the Tumeric Ginger so good. I will definitely order more of this flavor soon.

The Best Protien Shake

Drink these daily!

Low sugar, high protein and delicious

I haven’t found a protein drink that tastes great, low sugar, high protein and at an amazing price. I use Iconic protein drinks in my coffee and as a milk substitute. They taste amazing!!

Turmeric Ginger tastes like Chai!!

I absolutely love this protein beverage. It reminds me of an ice chai tea, but packed with lots of protein. It is good hot, cold, or room temperature. Super convenient for breakfast, grab one on your way out the door.
Container is perfect size to keep and use again for a different beverage!
Iconic mastered this product! Tastes so good!!

Good shake

Tastes totally banana, yummy but not ginger turmeric by any hints. I guess it is some marketing trick to use 2 antioxidants for labeling a yellow protein drink which is BANANA FLAVOR, period.
I had waited on its arrival and had all imaginations about the taste.... banana! 😅

Love the Product, Disappointed in the Delivery Method

Love the new Cacao Greens Ionic Protein! I have been a devoted fan of the Caffe Latte, but now I am happy to add the Cacao Greens to my daily diet. However, please let me know when you start shipping Fedex or UPS as the USPS delivery doesn't work for me as I order cases and it is almost impossible to carry to car from the Post Office. Not an appropriate form of delivery, please consider a change.


I’ve struggled to find a protein drink I like, that doesn’t hurt my stomach, and that I’m not allergic to. This checks all the boxes and I cannot even taste a hint of protein!! It’s fabulous!!

One of the best!

I've been a loyal fan/customer of Iconic since their beginning and Caffe Latte has always been a favorite of mine! It's got a great flavor and gives me fuel for my early morning long runs or a post run recovery snack. Highly recommend this product!

Love the chocolate truffle

I blend with ice and a little bit of natural peanut butter. So yummy.

Protein coffee is a win-win

I absolutely love the cafe latte drinks from iconic. Perfect consistency, no after taste, super creamy and delicious! This is how I start my day every single day!

Simply the best!

Best tasting protein drink that is actually good for you!

Iconic Protein Drink

They are delicious and healthy protein drink. The one thing that I have to say was, I ordered the vanilla bean protein (12/pack) and also the chocolate truffle (12/pack). I ordered each of these flavor but the chocolate truffle was missing. I don’t know if you were out of stock or been mishandled by your shipping company.

Vanilla Bean protein powder

It's taste very good it's sweet but with no sugar I like it alot thank you

Better than plain coffee!

I switched from my sugar loaded morning coffe to cafe latte which gives me 20g of protein and low sugar. The taste is great and I am healthier for it. I will soon try another flavor without caffeine for my afternoon protein.


I am SO pleased with this protein powder!! I have tried so many different ones only to leave half open containers rotting away in my pantry BUT NOT THIS ONE! I have made more smoothies in my household for all of my family members and we love it! I can not wait to try the other flavors!!!

love the chocolate truffle!

I love these. Easy and convenient. Delicious and great ingredients.


Healthy and delicious. Love the variety and they are all good.

Cafe Latte Protien Powder

I originally swore by the Chocolate Truffle protein powder, and then saw there was the addition of the Cafe Latte, and thought, "well it might be a nice alternative with a little added caffeine". Upon the recommendation of Iconic staff, I mixed 1/2 scoop with almond milk and ice in a blender and voila! It was like having my favorite Starbucks frappacino! (At a fraction of the cost and a million times less calories and sugar!) There is a good amount of caffeine per serving, so unless you are used to having coffee regularly, perhaps go with the 1/2 scoop before adding more. It was a great addition to my Iconic Protein powder collection and to my mornings! I have yet to try it heated yet though. Coming soon!

Variety pack

Absolutely LOVE these protein shakes for on the go. You can really taste a difference. “Clean” is the best word I can use to describe what sets Iconic shakes apart from other premixed shakes!

Simply delicious!

Great flavor and not too sweet with the added advantage of greens
Just perfect!

I love the vanilla flavor! It’s a perfect way to start the morning and great grab and go for the car.
Remember to open the lid before you get in the car, and not while driving! Delicious