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Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Dairy

The Top Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Dairy

In case you missed it, ICONIC drinks and powders get their protein from grass-fed dairy. Specifically, our dairy comes from happy, free-roaming cows in Ireland. (Psst! Want proof? We’re Animal Welfare Approved Certified.)

But we didn’t just pick free-range dairy so we could feel good about ourselves. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely want to feel good. We love knowing that our cows have awesome lives. But there’s another added perk to choosing grass-fed dairy for our clean, complete protein.

Why grass-fed dairy is better for your health

Cows that eat a lot of grass produce milk that’s healthier. Kind of makes sense, if you think about it. When they get to eat what they eat in the wild — what their bodies are naturally used to eating and have adapted to best utilize over the centuries — they’re as healthy as possible. And that means the milk they produce is healthy, too. 

Here are the key points you should know about grass-fed dairy:

  • It has as much as 147% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-grass-fed dairy. Omega-3s are a pretty big deal. They help you fight off heart disease, inflammation, mental health challenges (think: anxiety and depression), and cancer. They even help keep your brain sharp and your bones strong as you age. Oh, and that’s not all. They’re good for your skin and can help you get better sleep. 
  • Even though grass-fed milk has more unsaturated fatty acids than conventional dairy, it has a lower overall fat concentration. 
  • Grass-fed dairy is higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which helps your heart stay healthy, strengthens your immune system, and can shrink inflammation. Plus, it might even help with body fat loss. 

Pretty solid reasons to choose grass-fed, right? We thought so. That’s why every ICONIC product has 20 grams of clean, complete protein per serving straight from grass-fed milk. And don’t worry, they’re all lactose-free thanks to the way we isolate the protein, too. 

Drink up and be well,

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