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Spring 2021 Bucket List

Spring 2021 Bucket List

Spring is here! How is it the end of April already? Time flies! Hopefully the weather is warming up wherever you are. We’ve made a bucket list of things that you can do to enjoy the spring sunshine!

Budget Friendly Activities:

Celebrate the upcoming spring season by doing these family fun activities at home or nearby.

  1. Go to a nearby lake and kayak or simply swim around!
  2. Become a plant parent! It’s the perfect time to start growing your own vegetables or flowers
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Go on a hike somewhere where the flowers are blooming
  5. Go berry picking at a local farm
  6. Plan a picnic in the park
  7. Have a bonfire in the yard


Eating foods that remind you of warm spring days can definitely get you in the appropriate mood for the season. 

  1. Make tropical drinks
  2. Make a salad with as many different colored fruits and vegetables as possible 
  3. Make a charcuterie board with family and friends
  4. Make popsicles at home with ICONIC! 


Sometimes a little retail therapy is needed to get you excited for the new season.

  1. Pick out a new bathing suit you feel confident in to wear all spring and summer long
  2. Buy a fun outdoor game like spike-ball or yard jenga!

Check out our spring themed recipes on our website or pour a vanilla ICONIC into a blender with your favorite spring fruit to set the mood!

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