Just Keeping Swimming: The Health Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

August 11, 2020

It’s kind of confusing out there. On the one hand, you hear that you should be getting plenty of cardio. On the other, you’re reminded that it’s super important to take care of your joint health. So what are you supposed to do? Figure out how to run without gravity impacting you??

If youdo figure that out, please let us know. But for now, we’re looking at another way to get cardiovascular exercise that’s a whole lot easier on our joints than pounding the pavement. Swimming is making waves in the health world for its huge amount of benefits — and minimal risks. 

What swimming does for your body

Every time you swim long enough to get your heart rate up, you strengthen your heart and lungs. Not only that, but you also strengthen a ton of the muscles on your body. Keeping yourself afloatand propelling yourself through the water is a lot of work, after all. 

You probably already knew all of that, though. What you may not have already known is that swimming is linked to amood boost during the day andbetter sleep at night. 

What swimming doesn’t do

Running, biking, and other forms of cardio offer pretty similar benefits. The difference with swimming is that while it offers you a serious health boost, it doesn’t take much from you in exchange. When you choose swimming as your primary form of cardio, your risk of injury is virtually nil. 

In fact, swimming is so safe that it’s recommended for pregnant women, people with multiple sclerosis, people with asthma and arthritis, and kids. 

All told, swimming is flat-out fab for you with basically no risks. Find your local pool and get that breaststroke on! 

Sorry if we just stole your excuse for skipping cardio. 

Be well,

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