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Get Your Chocolate Fix Without Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Get Your Chocolate Fix Without Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Not all sweets are bad! Most of us have a huge sweet tooth, but that shouldn't get in the way of our weight loss goals. There are so many healthy substitutes for traditional sweets that we can consume guilt free! We’re here to tell you some of our favorites. 

Traditional Chocolate Mousse -> Avocado Mousse

Yup, that may sound odd, but we swear it tastes amazing and you will barely be able to tell the difference. The avocado in these chocolate mousses give the texture an extra creaminess. We even have a recipe here!

Classic Chocolate Shake -> Chocolate Covered Berry Shake

Who doesn't like chocolate covered fruit? Good news is that if berries aren't your fav, you can substitute any frozen fruit in this decedent recipe. (Hint: If you want a more chocolatey taste, add ICONIC Chocolate Truffle Powder in addition to the RTD shake) Look here

Cup of Dirt -> Reduced Sugar Cup of Dirt

Ah, the classic cup of dirt recipe. Whether it's for you or your kid, this recipe will take you back to childhood days! With sugar free pudding and added protein, you can indulge in this without any guilt! Recipe here.

Chocolate Ice Cream -> Chocolate Protein Fluff

Protein fluff has a creamier texture than traditional ice cream as it has only 3 ingredients! You can blend your favorite frozen fruit of choice, milk, and chocolate protein powder to create this healthy (and protein packed) substitute! We have a recipe here.

Chocolate Truffles -> Homemade Protein Truffles

These are SUPER easy treats to make and are a great alternative to sugar filled candy. They can be made in minutes and will definitely satisfy your chocolate cravings. Our favorite recipe is linked here.

Looking for a grab-and-go chocolate option? Our favorite chocolate treats are listed below:

-Lily’s Sweets has an assortment of chocolate bars, chocolate chips, peanut butter cups and more. All products are non-gmo, gluten free and have no added sugar! 

-ChocZero has products ranging from chocolate squares to syrups and nut butters. Their products are sugar, soy and gluten free!

-Jojo’s Chocolate has a variety of chocolate bars with low sugar and extra protein!

-ICONIC Protein Chocolate Truffle shakes and powders will satisfy your milk chocolate cravings. Drink the shake straight up or blend with your fav add ins for a thick and creamy liquid treat. Our powders can be shaked, baked, and everything in between, making it your chocolatey side-kick in the kitchen!

(P.S. If you’re looking for a dark chocolate drink- try Cacao+Greens!)

The list could go on and on as we discover more healthy options for our favorite treats. But hey, if you want to stick to your go-to candy that is totally fine! Having a traditional sweet treat every once in a while won’t cause you any harm. 

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