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Fruits With The Least Sugar

Fruits With The Least Sugar

Maybe you’re following the keto diet. Maybe you’re diabetic. Maybe you just know that sugar is super addictive and you don’t want too much of it in your life. Whatever your reason may be, you might be hunting for fruit options that don’t pack a big sugary punch. 

Because, yeah, hate to break it to you, but fruit is loaded with sugar. That’s why it tastes so good! And some — like bananas, mangoes, and grapes — is worse than others when it comes to sugar content. 

The good news is that the fiber in fruit will usually make you feel too full to overindulge enough to spike your glucose levels in any kind of crazy way. But that’s only if you’re eating whole fruit. Maybe you juice or make smoothies. Or maybe you’re trying to kick a sugar craving. Knowing which fruits are low in sugar can help you make healthful choices.

Low-sugar fruits you can chow on stress-free

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. Which fruit options are lowest in sugar? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Berries: When it comes to low-sugar fruit, berries are the runaway winner. They have very little sugar plus a ton of other stuff your body needs, like antioxidants and fiber. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries — pick your fave and enjoy them without stressing about your glucose levels. 
  • Oranges: Citrus is generally pretty low in sugar, but it’s not like you want to be munching on a lime. With oranges, you can still get all the health benefits of citrus (what’s up, vitamin C?) while actually enjoying your snack. Plus, oranges are a killer grab-and-go snack. Their skin’s built-in packaging and they’re bruise-resistant. Grapefruits are a good option here, too, if the tart taste doesn’t bug you. 
  • Stone fruit: Generally, stone fruit like peaches, plums, and apricots are low in sugar. But if you’re into dried fruit, keep an eye on your serving size. Yes, a single apricot only has a few grams of sugar. But if you’re eating them by the handful, that can add up. 
  • (Bonus!) Avocado: Okay, avocado is obviously low in sugar. So low, in fact, that a lot of people don’t even know it’s a fruit. But it is. And it’s delicious. And loaded with healthy fats. So if you’re looking for something to add to your smoothie or salad that’s low in sugar but high in health perks, avo’s got you covered. 

Now you know! Stick with berries citrus, and stone fruit and you can enjoy all the fruit you want without spiking your blood sugar levels. 

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