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5 Tips To Not Overindulge During The Holidays

5 Tips To Not Overindulge During The Holidays

Ahh, holiday time is back again. Some may consider this the best time of the year, while others may dread it. Holidays are usually associated with yummy treats like cookies, pies, holiday drinks and desserts. How can you not try some of everything!? Well, you TOTALLY can! But we have some helpful tips to help you eat more mindfully during your holidays, so you don’t have to spend the new year setting goals to lose what you may have gained during the holidays!

1. Think: Am I Hungry or Does This Look Good?

Yes, it is FINE to eat something even if your belly is pretty full. But a helpful tip is to only eat these holiday goodies when you actually are hungry. All these holiday treats will still be here in an hour or two, so don’t feel the need to eat just because it’s available. They will be more enjoyable when you aren’t in pain from overeating and being too full to move!

2. Portion Control

When there is a tray of homemade christmas cookies in front of you...it may be hard to resist eating 10 in one sitting- I mean c'mon they smell SO good! Just keep in mind that it takes around 20-40 minutes for your brain to tell you that your stomach feels full. Start with one or two cookies, then wait an hour to make sure you don’t go into a food coma.

3. Drink Water (Seriously, Do it)

This tip is common knowledge, but we often forget to do it! Drink a full glass of water before you eat, it will help you feel fuller and also keep you hydrated! Remember, we are supposed to drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day.

4. One Bad Meal Does Not Control Your Whole Day

Maybe you ate more than you were hoping to, maybe you broke your diet, maybe you weren’t planning on eating multiple desserts today. Whatever happened, don’t let it ruin your day. You may think that because you ate more than you planned this one meal, the rest of the day doesn’t matter. That is not true! If you ate a few too many cookies, it doesn’t mean you should just give up and eat the whole tray because you “broke your diet already.”

Think: If my car bumper is damaged, should I just total my whole car? If I have a small hole in my shirt, should I just rip the whole shirt up?

No, silly! A little bit of damage doesn’t ruin something completely, but thinking like this will!

5. Stick to Your Routine as Much as Possible

Stay on track by eating what you usually eat, but plan to add in some extra holiday treats here and there. Stay on top of your physical activity. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Plan ahead and make time (even just 30 minutes) to walk, workout, stretch, etc!

6. Bonus tip! Forgive Yourself

It is normal to eat more than usual when you are around friends, surrounded by seasonal treats, and when you’re in the holiday spirit. If you gain some weight, know that it is fine. Our bodies change in appearance and our weight fluctuates so much. Don’t get mad at yourself for being human and enjoying some extra food.  

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