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The ICONIC Protein Story

We at ICONIC Protein believe that food can be both the problem and the solution to better health and vitality. While conventional wisdom would have you believe that pills and fad diets are the quick fix to life’s problems, we believe that conscious, balanced nutrition and sustainable lifestyle changes make all the difference. At ICONIC, our mission is to provide you with clean, high protein foods that help you feel sustained, nourished and energized all day long—because a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on good health. 



A note from our founder, Billy:


Being a busy and active guy myself, high protein foods have always been my go-to for feeling full throughout the day and recovering from a workout. It was always a challenge to find protein drinks that weren’t loaded with artificial ingredients or had so much sugar they equated to a candy bar in a bottle. Bottom line - the protein shakes on the market just weren’t cutting it. 

I also began having chronic health issues related to eating high-calorie meals (restaurants, fast-food, airport food, etc.). I found out that the hard way, that working out doesn’t entitle you to eat anything you want every day of the week. By the time I hit my mid-twenties I found myself in a physician’s office for chronic heartburn and a few other health issues. The doctor informed me that I had high cholesterol and would continue to face the same issues unless I started taking a pill every day. Something about taking a pill every day at that age just didn’t seem right. 



I decided to seek advice from Registered Dietitian Molly Kimball, a local sports and lifestyle nutritionist, who informed me that I had another option – clean up my diet! It seemed simple: more protein and fiber to fill me up during the day, and fewer calories and sugar. I said, “Sign me up! Now, what do I buy?” She gave me a list of ingredients to mix up each day and sent me on my way. Now while this may make total sense for a lot of people, I know myself and know that I usually keep myself too busy to take the time to shop for ingredients, measure everything out and then clean up the mess afterwards. Realizing that she wouldn’t recommend any drink on market, I asked what it would take to make the perfect protein drink. 

We discussed the absolute must-have qualities in my dream protein drink: low sugar, high-quality protein source, no artificial ingredients and no sugar alcohols. It had to be shelf stable and ready to grab-and-go. And most importantly, it had to taste delicious. Our recipe for ICONIC Protein delivered on all of our requirements and more: non-GMO ingredients, grass-fed milk protein sourced from cows that graze on pastures all day long, and only a few grams of sugar for a lightly sweetened taste. We took the traditional chalky protein shake and turned it on its head, and best of all—our ICONIC Protein tastes absolutely amazing.  



I worked to commercialize this idea with a non-profit business incubator program in New Orleans named Idea Village. From there I test marketed the product in the city and surrounding areas while fine-tuning the packaging and ingredients. In 2017, the company headquarters was relocated to sunny Santa Monica, California, which has turned out to be the perfect place to grow a team and a healthy lifestyle brand. Today, our ICONIC Protein drinks are sold in over 5,000 retailers nationwide, with more on the way in 2018 and beyond. We hope you decide to give our passion a try, and find your own ICONIC.

- Billy Bosch, ICONIC Protein Founder and CEO