About Us

Our Protein

New Zealand’s rolling hills have the most extensive pristine pastures in the world. Raised naturally by passionate farmers, our cows graze year-round to produce high quality premium protein, which is GMO and hormone free. ICONIC is dedicated to bringing you world-class dairy protein with a clean label, premium ingredients, and does not compromise taste.

*Our cows are routinely grass fed unless conditions (i.e. drought) requiring alternate means of feeding.

Our Story

Be Well Nutrition was founded for one simple reason – to create healthy products that taste delicious. After growing weary of beverage options that were touted as healthy, but packed full of sugar, calories, and artificial ingredients, we decided to create our own brand of healthy. We partnered with an elite team of Nutritionists to develop our first product – ICONIC, grass fed protein drink.

Our Mission

We provide innovative protein drinks anchored in health and great taste for individuals looking for a clean label solution that empowers a healthy lifestyle.

Billy Bosch

CEO, Co-Founder

Market Area: US.
Job Description: All things ICONIC.
Favorite Workout/Activity: Tie - Mountain Biking, Skiing.
Favorite ICONIC Flavor: Chocolate Truffle.

Ashley Kinkaid

Regional Sales Manager

Market Area: US.
Job Description: Ensure executional excellence at retail locations across the nation.
Favorite Workout/Activity: I enjoy doing Body Pump.
Favorite ICONIC Flavor: Café Au Lait.

Taylor Nielsen

Area Manager

Market Area: Texas.
Job Description: Ensure Texans know that ICONIC is the cleanest, tastiest, and most nutritious protein drink out there. I support current accounts like HEB, Central Market, and Market Street, while also bringing on new accounts in the region.
Favorite Workout/Activity: I enjoy Kayaking and Soccer.
Favorite ICONIC Flavor: Chocolate Truffle.

Valerie Garcia

Marketing Coordinator

Market Area: US.
Job Description: Coordinate all aspects of Marketing including merchandising, demo management and market awareness, web marketing, & customer relations.
Favorite Workout/Activity: Love to do boot camp, run, play soccer, bike rides, surf, and enjoy the beach with my husband and dog.
Favorite ICONIC Flavor: Café Au Lait.

Cameron Conklin

Operations Manager

Market Area: US.
Job Description: Logistics, supply chain, finance & accounting.
Favorite Workout/Activity: I love to scuba dive, hike, rock climb, swim, kayak and camp!
Favorite ICONIC Flavor: Café Au Lait.