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Why We Made ICONIC Shelf Stable

Why We Made ICONIC Shelf Stable

There’s just something about cracking open a cold one. (A cold bottle of ICONIC Protein, of course.) Whether your go-to is a classic like Vanilla Bean or you’ve been venturing out with our newest flavor, Cacao + Greens, the creamy, cold deliciousness of a bottle of ICONIC is definitely there for you. Slug it down to help yourself recover post-workout or sip it to keep your tastebuds entertained during that afternoon meeting. However you drink it, you’ll be getting 20 grams of clean, complete protein. 

But did you know ICONIC actually doesn’t have to be chilled? We’ve made our drinks completely shelf-stable. That means you can stash them in your backpack, throw them in your desk drawer, or stow them in your gym locker. Then, whenever you need a pick-me-up of flavor and protein, your ICONIC is waiting. 

What does shelf-stable mean?

So what is shelf-stable, really? Technically, any food or drink is shelf-stable if it can be stored safely at room temp in its sealed container. Basically, it’s a non-perishable food you can store without needing to refrigerate it in any way and it’ll keep until its expiration date. 

Your pantry’s probably already stocked with tons of shelf-stable items like oils, sugar, flour, pasta, and canned soups. Some of them are protein-rich (like beans), but many of the foods and drinks that are richest in protein have to be kept refrigerated. So we wanted to give you a way to get the protein your body needs on the go that doesn’t require you to open a can of tuna or chickpeas. That’s why we decided to make ICONIC drinks shelf-stable. 

What are the benefits of a shelf-stable product?

For us, the main driver in making ICONIC shelf-stable was convenience. We’re all pretty busy and sometimes you just don’t have time to make it back to your fridge to grab a snack. And, heck, you might even be in a location that doesn’t give you the option to refrigerate anything. Does that mean you should be stuck with limited options? We didn’t think so. We made ICONIC so it can travel with you wherever you go, always ready to fill you up with lots of flavorful protein. 

And there’s another added benefit of making a shelf-stable product: food safety. You don’t have to feel a countdown clock start when you pull a bottle of ICONIC out of the fridge. If it takes you a couple of hours to drink it, no worries. It’ll still be completely safe to consume even if it’s lost its cool by the time you finish it. 

Shelf-stable ICONIC delivers convenient, food-safe flavor — wherever your day takes you. 

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