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What's The Deal With Sage?

What's The Deal With Sage?

If you love the smell of burning sage, thank the Native Americans. They’ve long used the burning of this plant — which grows naturally in shrublands and grasslands across the country — in cleansing rituals. And now, thanks to sage’s increasing popularity, you can bring some of this earthy scent and the beauty of the sage burning ritual to your home. 

Why people burn sage

Burning sage, also called smudging, dates back centuries. It’s most commonly practiced with white sage but more and more people are using other types of sage, plus herbs like juniper, to create their own bundles for burning. Your local farmers’ market or health food store probably has a bundle you can buy, too. 

People commonly sage a space to clear out negative energy, promote healing, soothe stress, and boost their mood. If any of that sounds like something you need in your life, give it a try! It’s safe and the ritual itself helps you get mentally centered. 

To smudge your space, light the end of the bundle until the leaves catch. Then, wave it around so the fire extinguishes but the leaves are still smoldering (it’s a lot like incense). Walk around your space, letting the sage smoke spread and setting a new intention for yourself. 

When you’re done, make sure your sage is fully extinguished before you store it. Take a deep breath. Feeling more relaxed? Awesome! 

Sage is super healthy to eat

If you’re not into burning sage, you can still reap the plant’s benefits. Just eat it! Bonus: it pairs perfectly with fall flavors. Butternut squash and sage ravioli, anyone? 

Here are just a few of the health benefits of introducing sage to your diet:

  • You get a bunch of antioxidants
  • You get lots of vitamin K, which is important for your heart and bone health
  • You help your body balance its blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • You give your brain a boost and can even fend off Alzheimer’s disease

However you choose to add sage to your day, it can help you enjoy life feeling healthy and balanced.

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