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What’s the difference between plant protein and animal protein?

What’s the difference between plant protein and animal protein?

Moooo or…  wait what sound do plants make?

If you want to send a room of fitness enthusiasts into an all-out brawl, casually throw out the following questions: What’s better… plant protein or animal protein?

In less than five minutes the entire room will be covered in so much protein powder you’d swear Arnold Schwarzenegger and his body-building buddies got into a food fight.


arnold schwarzenegger drinking ICONIC Protein drink

Yes, that's our buddy Arnold trying an ICONIC Protein drink-- word on the street is that Chocolate Truffle is his favorite flavor! 

Thankfully, here at ICONIC we are quite a bit more civilized and like to hash out these types of arguments in the written format where we get to say what we want to say and you just have to read and keep mum.

Kidding, you can send us an email if you agree or disagree. Just be super nice, okay? We’re sensitive you know.

Now, before we continue, let’s get one thing straight… we’re a bit biased. That shouldn't alarm anyone. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we obviously have an opinion on the matter regarding plant protein vs. animal protein. After all, we use only grass-fed protein to fuel our delicious scrumptious drinks. But, we’re fairly open-minded and want to give you a rundown on the pros and cons of both. Then, from there, we’ll let you decide which is best for you.

Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein

So we’ve been debating at the office about which protein we should lead with. Since plant protein is sort of the guest here, we’ll let him (or her) enter the room first.

Plant Protein… comes from… yes, you guessed… plants. This means that it is fairly nutrient dense. You get quite a bit of vitamins and minerals in plant protein that you don’t get drinking animal protein.

With that said, plant protein tends to be lower in protein per serving and it’s not what fitness nerds consider a complete protein. So, a little on that without time-traveling you back to your middle school science class…

A complete protein is when a protein contains all 8 amino acids. This is sort of a big deal because amino acids help with everything from focus, recovery, endurance, memory and building lean muscle.

Not to mention, amino acids are the building blocks of life. So, on a biological level they’re not just “nice-to-haves” they’re imperative. But, enough about plant protein, let’s talk about animal protein.

Animal Proteins are complete proteins which is beneficial because of everything we just talked about in the previous section. In addition, animal protein tends to be much higher in protein per serving (and cheaper) so it’s more convenient for folks looking to maintain or even build muscle.

Not to mention, while plant protein is nutrient dense, animal protein is packed with a ton of nutrients not found in plant-based protein like… Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Zinc.

So, which is right for you?

Okay, so this question is for you to answer. But, if you really really want to know our thoughts… we think unless you’re vegan you should really be drinking animal protein… and more specifically ICONIC.

With love,

The ICONIC Team.

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