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Treat Yo’ Self. 6 Self-Care Tips You Can Use Today

Treat Yo’ Self. 6 Self-Care Tips You Can Use Today

Self-care is trending and we’re here for it. In our busy, digital world, it’s easy to feel stressed basically all the time. So making a point to practice self-care is extra important. 

But how, exactly, does one practice self-care? It doesn’t have to be an hours-long bubble bath. There are some super simple, straightforward ways to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Here are six tips we love: 

  • Get some rest. Seriously, sleep is so important for your mental health. If sleep is a struggle, take some steps to help yourself drift off. Avoid screens an hour before bed, make sure your bedroom is dark and cool, go to bed and get up at the same time every day so your circadian rhythm can kick in, and try essential oils and natural remedies (like melatonin) to get quality sleep. 

  • Get moving. On the flip side, spending all day in bed won’t make you feel great over time. Exercise is also linked to mental health, so get active. Now, this is self-care, so don’t do something you hate. A long walk with a friend or a gentle yoga flow could be just what your body needs. 

  • Say no. That simple two-letter word is one of the most powerful self-care tools you’ve got at your disposal. Be polite but firm when you’re asked to do things you know you won’t enjoy. (Your second cousin is probably not going to care if you show up to her daughter’s graduation party, honestly). And check in with yourself. Even fun things can feel like a burden if your plate is too full. When you’re feeling frazzled, say no to more. 

  • Jot it down. Want to put a smile on your face? Try some positivity journaling. Find what works for you, but try things like writing down your favorite moment from the day or listing five things for which you’re grateful. Pausing to think about the good in your life is a surefire boost. 

  • Make time for a routine. Do you get enough time for yourself? If not, start by scheduling it in every. single. day. Yes, really. Create a morning or night routine filled with things you love. It can be just fifteen minutes to sip a cup of tea, do a self-massage, read a chapter in your book, or whatever else makes you feel good. Knowing you’ve got you-time scheduled into every day can help you make self-care a regular thing. 

  • Breathe. No, really. Just breathe. The breath is a powerful thing, and taking even a few minutes to tune into your breath and breathe deeply can help you reset. See, self-care can be easy!

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