Thanksgiving Survival Guide

November 27, 2019 2 Comments

Ah, the holidays. That time of year where you dive into regular food comas and spend (too much) quality time with the extended family. So. Much. Fun. 

We've put together a quick list of top tips for surviving Thanksgiving.

1. Forgot to thaw the turkey? It happens...head to your local grocery store & grab some frozen pizzas. Whose got 6 hours to thaw a bird anyway?

2. Just remembered you need to bring a dish? Swing by the gas station & grab a few bags of ice. Everyone needs ice!

3. Conversation growing stale? Time to go old school & find a board game. Our top picks are: Scrabble, Uno, and Monopoly.... any game that will pass the time between now and bedtime.

4. "Family dynamics" got you down? Fake a food coma and find a cozy corner for a post-feast nap. Or just break out another bottle of wine. Wine always helps.

6. All else fails, turn the Lions game on. We know nobody watches the Lions, but putting on a live sporting event should at least make your grumpy Uncle happy. 

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Judy Bunch
Judy Bunch

December 03, 2019

I keep Iconic in our Frig. Delicious! Latte’ ♥️
Great comments, on point! Happy Thanksgiving!

Edward Ocepek
Edward Ocepek

December 03, 2019

All very good ideas.

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