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Sip Away, Soy-Free (Why We Left This Legume Out)

Sip Away, Soy-Free (Why We Left This Legume Out)

When you’re reading an ICONIC label (boring meeting attendees, we feel you), you probably noticed that we talk as much about what’s not in our bottle as what’s in it. No gluten. No lactose. No antibiotics. No BPA. We’re Non-GMO Project Verified, too. And there’s one more ingredient we decided to leave out: soy.

First, let us say that for some people, soy is an awesome part of a balanced diet. We’re not here to tell you to steer clear of this legume. In fact, we’ll even go as far as saying that soy is a top-tier way to get the nutrients your body needs. Just make sure you stick with organic (90% of US-produced soy is genetically modified) and look for minimally processed options. When you do, soy is super healthy. All that said, we still decided not to add it to our ICONIC products.

Why we went soy-free

If we’re into soy as a nutritious food option, why’d we leave it out? We’re big into protein, after all, and soy is one of the best plant-based proteins out there. 

We chose to skip the soy because we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy ICONIC. (It’s the same reason we went to the trouble of removing the lactose from our products.) And since lots of people have an allergy to soy and it can be an issue for people with thyroid problems, we decided it wasn’t for us. We’ll be eating plenty of edamame at our next happy hour, but we wanted to be able to pass that bottle of ICONIC to our soy-free friends without worry. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to pack more of what your body needs in each serving of ICONIC without anything that could prevent people from enjoying in. 

Sip soy-free and be well,

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