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Shake Up Your Morning

protein drink over cereal

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? That’s definitely debatable. What’s not is the fact that starting your day on the right foot can make a big difference. A morning routine you look forward to makes it so much easier to avoid hitting snooze.

And getting some nutrients in early supports your wellbeing even if you cave and go for that office donut in the afternoon (we’ve been there). Want an easy way to make sure you’re starting your day right? Shake up your morning with ICONIC!

Let’s shake things up

Treating your body right shouldn’t be a hassle — and it definitely shouldn’t be something you dread. So while we tip our cap to those of you who are showing up for that 5 am spin class, we’ve been taking a different approach to starting our day strong. 

We’ve been mixing it up by mixing some ICONIC into our morning routine. That means we start our day with 20 grams of clean, complete protein, everything our bodies need to feel great no matter where the day takes us. Here are a few of our fave ways to shake up the morning:

  • Upgrade your joe: Coffee is a CRITICAL part of the morning routine, right? But there’s always that decision. Do you go with a cup of black, knowing you’re not jacking yourself up with sugar that could crash you later, or do you treat yourself? We say: you shouldn’t have to choose! We’re using ICONIC as our coffee creamer for a hit of creamy deliciousness with no sugar. Whether you’re a vanilla latte person or you can’t live without your mocha, we’ve got you covered with our range of flavors. 
  • Step up your cereal: Cereal’s an okay breakfast. Not great, but we get it. When you’re in a pinch, it’ll fill you up and get you out the door. Plus, it can help you get in some extra fiber. But the problem with cereal is that it usually doesn’t keep you full for very long. So we’re using Vanilla Bean ICONIC in place of milk. That extra hit of protein keeps us sated so we’re not eating the lunch we packed at 10 am. 
  • Mix it in: Looking for a way to get more nutrients into the breakfast you usually make with basically no extra work? Throw some ICONIC protein powder in. Whether you add it to your pancake batter or your smoothie, you’re doing your body a favor. 
  • Grab and go: Starting your day right can take you all of 2 seconds if you stock your fridge properly. Add some Café Latte ICONIC to your fridge and you’ll get your 20 grams of protein plus 100mg of caffeine plus a breakfast you can grab when you’re running out the door. 

    Mornings just got a whole lot easier — and better!

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