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How To: Optimally Time Your Protein Consumption

When is the best time to consume protein?

We’re a protein company. In fact, the 20g of clean, complete, grass-fed protein in each of our beverages is one of our biggest points of pride. So, while the average person is thinking about protein once in a while, we’ve got it on our minds pretty much constantly. And that’s led to us asking some questions. 

Specifically, we’ve been wondering: when is the best time to have protein? We set out to find out. 

When should you drink protein for the best results?

Oh, if only this were easy to answer. Timing your protein consumption is a pretty hotly debated topic. And a big part of the reason that there’s not a clear cut answer is because people use protein for different things. Maybe you want to build muscle, or maybe you’re using it as a meal swap to lose weight. Maybe you drink up to boost recovery after a tough workout. 

There have been some preliminary studies on the best time to consume protein, but they’ve been fairly small. For now, what the studies seems to say is this:

  • Morning protein consumption is great for supporting muscle mass.
  • Taking protein throughout the day is good for boosting your energy and supporting weight loss.
  • Consuming protein before a workout can help you feel fueled during it while consuming it within 30 minutes after your workout can boost recovery and muscle growth.
  • Taking protein before bed is also awesome for recovery and muscle growth since your body can digest and use that protein while you sleep. 

Hitting your daily protein goals matters more than when you drink or eat protein.

So, basically, the right time to consume protein will depend on your specific goals. And the science still isn’t definitive, either. But what we do know is that getting enough protein is key. Whether you start your morning with a protein shake, chug your protein drink after a workout, or stock up on protein before bed, what matters is that you’re getting enough of this essential nutrient. 

Struggling to hit your goal? Stock your fridge with our drinks and get sneaky with our protein powder. You can add it to pancakes, baked goods, sauces, and more to get those extra grams when you need them. We even have an Unflavored protein powder that can be added to savory recipes.

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