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Fitcations You Won’t Want to Miss This Summer 

Fitcations You Won’t Want to Miss This Summer 
Summer’s in full swing. So is FOMO. If you’ve been watching people’s adventures on social media and wishing you were planning one of your own, look no further. 

No surprise here: summer’s a great time to get moving in some of the most beautiful places across the country. And more and more locations are offering fitcations designed to help you make the most of the season. They’re not doing in on a whim, either. Over 50% of Americans say they think it’s important to prioritize exercise while traveling, according to the 2017 Expedia Fitness Breaks Study

Want to get fit on the road? Pack your bags, people. Grab your gear, slather on the sunscreen, and get your water bottles and ICONIC ready to go. Summer’s here — and so are eleven must-do fitcations to help you seize it. 

#1: River raft under a full moon in Breck

Colorado isn’t just for skiing. One of the most idyllic towns in the state — Breckenridge — offers plenty to do during the warmer months, too. Hop on a raft and brave the whitewaters of some seriously gorgeous rivers. The paddling isn’t a huge workout, but staying in your seat through some of the bigger rapids will definitely challenge your core. 

From Breck, you can float the Colorado River, Clear Creek, or a number of other waterways in the area. But for a truly memorable experience, hit Browns Canyon National Monument. You can take on this moderate-level excursion during daylight hours, when you’ll be able to take in the stunning views, but make sure you hit it at night, too. The Full Moon Rafting is a can’t-miss fitcation. 

#2: Hang ten (or just learn to paddle out) in San Onofre 

In case you haven’t heard (or watched Point Break recently), “Surfing’s the source.” It’s also a little intimidating. But you don’t have to go from landlubber to barrel-rider in a matter of minutes.

Grab a board and head to San Onofre. Just south of San Clemente (a great place for a beach getaway), this break is perfect for newbies. Plus, it’s a longboarder’s dream — and you’ll definitely want that extra board length if you’re getting your feet under you (literally) for the first time. Don’t miss your chance to see the “Waikiki of the West Coast” this summer. 

Want to get inspired before you paddle out yourself? Head to Trestles, a nearby surf break that’s played host to the pros on many an occasion, to watch the experts take on some gorgeous waves. 

#3: Run in a red dress (for a good cause) in NoLa

Love running? Love drinking? Love good causes? This annual New Orleans event is for you! The Red Dress Run is a personal fitcation fave of Billy Bosch, ICONIC Protein Founder and CEO, and it’s easy to see why. 

The second Saturday of August each year, get out your brightest red gear and join the scarlet sea of people that makes its way from Crescent Park in the French Market District through the Marigny neighborhood. You might not PR — after all, you’ll be running in a dress with a beer in hand — but you’ll definitely have a good time. And, bonus, a portion of your registration fee goes to support local charities! 

#4: Zipline the West Central Mountains

Hiking is great and all, but if you want even better views — and even more adrenaline — ziplining is the way to go. And where better than in the stunning rugged mountains of Idaho, where natural beauty abounds? 

At Tamarack Resort in Tamarack, Idaho, you can embark on a 3.5-hour zip lining expedition. You’ll tackle eight zip lines, two suspension bridges, and about a mile of hiking. Plus, your guide will teach you about the West Central Mountains’ local flora and fauna along the way. 

#5: Kayak through Charleston’s saltwater estuaries

If you want to add some charm to your summer fitcation, there’s really no better place than Charleston. But don’t stick to the land or you’ll miss some of the best the area has to offer. 

Grab a kayak and you can explore the saltwater estuaries in the area. You’ll work your arms and core, plus you might see a dolphin at one turn, then a plantation at the other. Book your tour at sunrise, sunset, and under the full moon if you want a truly memorable experience. 

#6: Hike just outside New York City

If you want to blend your summer fitcation with some city action, add Breakneck Ridge to your itinerary. Just an hour and a half from New York City and accessible via public transportation, this uber-steep trail through the granite cliffs rewards you for your effort with memorable views of the Hudson. 

The trail might close in 2020 for some updates, so summer 2019 is the time to hit it! 

#7: Scuba or snorkel with wildlife in the Channel Islands

If you watched Netflix’s Our Planet, you’ve probably got some level of concern about the oceans. And, yes, we definitely need to be keeping our plastic out of them. But the good news is the efforts we’re making have an impact. And you can see that first-hand by getting wet in places we’re safeguarding, like the Channel Islands Marine Protected Area. 

Snorkel or scuba dive to check out sea caves and kelp forests as you hang with a ton of dolphins just off California’s coast. You can also camp on some of the Channel Islands if you want to take this summer adventure next-level. The local wildlife isn’t restricted to the water, either. Keep an eye out for island foxes! 

#8: Bike Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Mountain bikers, we’ve found your paradise. Named a Silver-Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, Roanoke has everything you could need — and then some. 

There are hundreds of miles of wooded, beautiful trails for you to explore. Whether you check out Carvins Cove, the second largest municipal park in the country, or Mill Mountain Park, a short 3-mile ride from Downtown Roanoke, you’ll find well-maintained, exciting trails with challenging lines awaiting you. 

#9: Practice Goga 

Ready to take your yoga practice next level? No, this isn’t some crazy aerial setup or an all-arm balance class. It’s Goga, or goat yoga. No, we’re not joking. Not only is this really a thing, but it’s taking off across the country. Goat Yoga’s now available everywhere from Oregon City, Oregon (the OG Goga spot) to Sanford, Florida. 

So what’s the deal? It’s exactly what it sounds like: yoga with goats. They’re not trained to get into a certain pose with you, but they are smart animals who can help you experience a whole new type of flow. 

#10: Canoe Minnesota's Boundary Waters

Go north! To northeast Minnesota, specifically, where you’ll find thousands (yes, thousands) of streams and lakes just waiting for your exploration. Minnesota isn’t called the Land of 10,000 Lakes for nothing. 

Grab a permit, grab a canoe, and check out the 1,200+ miles of canoe routes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to discover hidden gems of canyons, cliffs, and pristine lakes. 

#11: Ranch it up in Texas

Want a summer fitcation with a healthy dose of Americana? Head just outside Fort Worth, Texas, to The Beaumont Guest Ranch. Their 800-acre property offers plenty of old-west activities — like roping, archery, and cattle driving — blended with new-west adventures — like ATV Extreme Tours and zip lining —  to get your adrenaline pumping. 

You may not ever need to know how to herd cattle but, after a weekend at Beaumont, you’ll be ready if the opportunity ever arises.

Summer’s waiting. Where will your fitcations take you? 

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