Billy's Ultimate Prepper List

March 17, 2020

In the midst of all this pandemonium, I thought it would be helpful to share my “prepper list” of the items I have not just to survive, but also THRIVE on! It’s important to stock up on some shelf stable nutrient dense items. I like to keep some on hand in the event of a natural disaster that results in power outages and food supply shortages. You may know and loveour products, but here are a few of the other items:

  • Grass Fed Beef Jerky -Chomps (think grass fed slim jims) &Epic Provisions (grass fed bison, venison, and more!) are two of my favorite brands out there. 
  • Dried Fruit- Mangos are a go to for me,Costco has a bag that’ll take you 6 months to finish. Grab these while everyone else is playing tug of war for toilet paper. 
  • Camping Meals -Wild Zora has one of the few paleo products out there, just add water! They also last 3 years in case you don’t get them soon. 
  • Canned Food - Remember these? You probably haven’t bought them in years, but they last forever. 
  • Protein Powder & Drinks - Protein not only fills you up, but also increases your metabolism. Why not get lean while you’re left at home? Make sure you find one with a long shelf life (our products are typically 18 months from production) and something without any fake ingredients like sucralose or aspartame.
  • Water - Everyone stocks up on this, but I have yet to be in a natural disaster where the water gets cut off. It can definitely happen, so I have a fewLifestraws in case along with two 5 gallon jugs of water. Rule of thumb is to plan on 1 gallon/day/person. If you opt for packaged water, go for bulk vs. the single bottles to save money and extra waste. 
  • Snacks! I’m a snackaholic as my family and team can attest to. Here are a few of my go to’s:
    • Chips - I can’t stop eatingBrass Roots (truffle rosemary is legit) andSpudsy (go for the cinnamon churro!).Siete for your classic tortilla chip style. 
    • Crackers - Simple Mills has an insaneSmokey Cheddar BBQ cracker that’s basically a better for you cheez it. I crush these. 
    • Cookies (because you deserve a treat after all this prepping!) - Simple Mills also makes a killerChocolate Chip cookie
    • Bars: So many options, but here are a few of my go to’s:
    • Raw Nuts: Sprouts & Thrive have big selections (Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Macadamia, Pistachios, etc.)
    • Nut Butters:
      • Almond:Barny Butter has an awesome creamy version. 
      • Sacha Inchi:Brass Roots has the first of it’s kind seed butter, very tasty!
    • Phat Fudge by my friend @PaleoChef
    • Apple Sauce - Look for organic & unsweetened 
  • Ghee - You’ll need something to cook with and4th & Heart makes the best. 
  • Fruit & Veggies - There’s only so much room for fresh and frozen food, so once you’re stock up on your refrigerated produce, go for some veggies that will last longer at room temp:
    • Sweet potatoes - mix it up and go for orange, purple, and white!
    • Apples - I find McIntosh to be the most flavorful if you can find them. Fuji is my go to otherwise. 
    • Citrus - I’m a big fan of mandarins, especially satsumas - easy to peel and sweet. 
    • Garlic & Onions - Need that flavor when you cook!
    • Carrots - not the baby cut ones!
    • Cabbage
  • Dark Chocolate -Choc Zero keto bark is a must have ration. 
  • Sparkling Water - Hey, you may get bored drinking water so here’s a splurge -Spindriftsparkling water with a hint of fruit juice so it’s low sugar.

Where to look? 

  • Thrive Market- This is one of my favorite sites. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s basically like Costco, Whole Foods, and Amazon had a baby. Healthy, shelf stable food & beverages shipped to your casa in bulk at cheap prices all the time. WIN. 
  • Amazon - Needs no introduction. 
  • Our Site - Shameless plug :) Remember to lock in that discount with subscribe & save too!

Be Well, 

Billy Bosch

Founder, CEO

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