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Are Standing Desks Worth the Hype?

Are Standing Desks Worth the Hype?

Alert: sitting is killing you! Okay, that’s pretty dramatic, but that’s essentially the headline that ran a few years ago when standing desks started coming into the spotlight. And, technically, it’s not wrong. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t do your body any favors. And you can’t help it if you’re chained to your desk for 8+ hours a day. 

So standing desks seem like the perfect solution. They enable you to do your work and earn your paycheck without wreaking havoc on your body. Right? Mmm, maybe not. We did some research to find out if you really need a standing desk — or if it’s just hype. 

Sitting is bad.

First, let’s be clear on one thing. Sitting all day every day is definitely bad for your health. (Shocking, right?) Physical activity is directly linked to improved health. So, yeah, sitting all day isn’t great for you.

Standing is okay. 

But standing all day isn’t necessarily better. Why? Standing isn’t exercise. Sure, standing might help you maintain a better posture. But it’s not a replacement for getting moving. In fact, taking a walk on your lunch break does your body a lot more good than simply swapping your chair for a standing desk. 

Pick your preference and pay attention to your body. 

Plus, standing all day can put a strain on your feet, back, and legs. Now, we’re not saying standing desks are bad. If you personally prefer them, go for it! But mind your posture while you stand and take care of anything that’s bugging you. That low back pain isn’t just going to vanish on its own. 

That’s why a lot of people recommend height-adjustable desks. With this option, you can stand when it feels better in your body but you can sit just as easily when you’re ready to take a load off. 

Simple swaps to help you stay healthy at the office.

Sorry to burst your standing desk bubble. We’d love a way to instantly improve our health while at work, too! And while we can’t offer an insta-fix, we do have a few tips that can help you stay healthy when you’re at the office:

  • Take walking breaks as often as you can
  • Keep a water bottle at your desk and hydrate
  • Rework your desk so it’s ergonomic and mind your posture throughout the day

Whether you sit, stand, or mix it up, your workday is still an opportunity to maintain your health. All you need to do is pay attention to how your body’s feeling and get moving as often as possible.

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