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Vanilla Iconic

Chocolate has usually been the crowd favorite, but Vanilla is sneaking past Chocolate as #1 seller! Good vanilla taste with no artificial aftertaste!


Vanilla Bean - 12 Pack Case Wholesale

Tastes great and easily digested.

Tastes great and easily digested.


This product is delicious and no grit to it.

Helps level blood sugar and tastes great!

As a diabetic, I need to keep my blood sugar from rising and dropping excessively. My dietician wants me to eat every three hours, to prevent highs from overeating and lows from not eating. That has proved almost impossible because I am a busy person, very much on the go. Often I’m tied up in activities where I simply cannot take a snack break for 5 or 6 hours. I’ve tried keeping the usual snacks with me — nuts, cheese and crackers, protein bars. Then I would still have them when I got home because there had not been an opportunity to stop and eat. After such a long period, my blood sugar would be down and I’d be feeling shaky and tired. So my dietician recommended Iconic protein drinks, something I could sip on as I went about my business. At first I avoided this because previous experience with protein drinks was not good — they tasted awful. Finally I gave in and bought two bottles of Iconic. I had a performance coming up and knew I would not be able to eat for at least five hours, so I took a bottle of Chocolate Truffle and drank it while I was setting up my equipment. The first surprise was that it was quite tasty and I didn’t have to force myself to drink it. I actually enjoyed it! The second surprise was that I could drink it as I worked, much as I might sip from a bottle of water. And the third surprise, best of all, was that I had energy throughout the performance, and when I got home, my blood sugar was in the normal range — after more than five hours of not eating solid food. Two days later, I had another performance and took my second bottle (Vanilla Bean) along. The results were the same. I then went on Amazon and ordered a case each of the two flavors. I was contacted by the Iconic Customer Service rep, who was just checking that all was well. I told him then what a great job the Iconic was doing and that I was so glad I had found it. It has solved my personal health and nutrition issues when a busy life limits my time for taking care in the more us...

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