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Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee
Mocha Immunity Coffee

Mocha Immunity Coffee

Our Mocha Immunity Coffee is a chocolate-forward fair-trade coffee with a subtle hint of sweetness. Brilliantly balanced to be decadent but not overly indulgent, Mocha is the perfect pick-me-up.

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Pea Protein









  • 10g Plant PROTEIN

    We use only the finest pea protein sources to produce ultra-clean, smooth tasting protein.

  • Zero Sugar

    We don't need sugar to be delicious! ICONIC is slightly sweet without any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

  • 200mg Caffeine

    Each serving contains 200mg Caffeine, sustainably sourced from Fair Trade Colombian Coffee beans.

  • Keto Friendly

    No sugar, no artificial sweeteners, low carbs and MCT oil means ICONIC is keto-friendly.

"Good way to get protein, vitamins and caffeine with only 80 calories. I usually drink 3 coffees to stay awake, not with these. I take this drink and I’m good to go all day with no crash. I liked all the flavors but I thought the Mocha was especially good. I see more of these in my future."

Ali M.

Premium Colombian Coffee

At ICONIC we believe in quality. Quality ingredients, quality partners, quality taste. That's why we source our coffee from small, locally-owned, Fair Trade farms in Colombia.

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Zero Sugar

We don't need sugar to be delicious! Any and all sweetness is thanks to monk fruit and stevia, natural alternatives to sugar. All ICONIC products contain zero grams of added sugar and we never add artificial sweeteners or ingredients. 

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Ideal Ingredients

Immunity Coffee replaces your standard cup of coffee with a balance of superfood ingredients that fortify your body and sharpen your mind. Plant-based protein, MCT oil, and our unique blend of vitamins & minerals are what make this drink ICONIC.

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Unbeatable Taste

Each bottle of ICONIC has a little something special. Relying on the natural, bold flavor of coffee, Dark Roast will satisfy even the strictest purists. But if you prefer something a tad sweeter, Mocha and Vanilla have that coffee-shop taste you love. You always go the extra mile, so we do too.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Meagan G. (Rollinsford, US)
Great coffee creamer substitute

My husband uses these in place of his milk for iced coffee and I just love them as is. Great flavor and easy on the go.

AnnieB (Las Vegas, US)

I really enjoy this ready to drink shake. Ingredients are perfect.

JudyB (Baltimore, US)
Love the Flavor!

Mocha is a favorite flavor of mine, so I thought I'd try the Mocha Immunity. It was delicious. Very smooth. The creamy texture is terrific. My only complaint is that I wish it had the same amount of protein (20g) that the protein drinks have.

Megan P. (Nashville, US)
Best bottled coffee on the market

Before trying this coffee, I was very loyal to another brand. However, after trying the mocha, I am obsessed. I love the taste and the creaminess of Iconic

NanaK (Dallas, US)
Smooth, flavorful and no after taste! Perfect grab-and-go for my crazy mornings!

I LOVE this product! It is smooth, creamy and light, and not full of a bunch of nonsensical ingredients that I can't pronounce and don't need. I get so frustrated with protein powders that clump and settle to the bottom of my cup, and don't always have time to put my keto coffee together in the morning. These are blended to perfection with no gritty or chalky feeling or separation of ingredients. I'm a slow drinker and a bit of a coffee addict. With these, I can actually add them to some cold brew decaf (I like a 1/2 and 1/2 ratio) and stay boosted throughout my morning...no need for additional coffee creamers or flavors! Also, the shape of the container is perfect for a great grip! Thank you, Iconic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these contain lactose, soy, or gluten?

Nope! We know that these common allergens can cause digestive distress among other issues. That's why we make all ICONIC products without soy or gluten, and even our dairy-based products have 99.99% of lactose removed. Since Immunity Coffee is plant-based, they are dairy free as well as lactose-free. As a bonus, ICONIC is Non-GMO Project Verified™!

How much caffeine is in this drink?

Each bottle of Immunity Coffee has 200mg of caffeine, or the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Is this drink sweetened?

Any and all sweetness is thanks to monk fruit and stevia. All ICONIC products contain zero grams of added sugar.

When should I drink this?

We recommend drinking our Immunity line in place of your regular cup of morning coffee. Crafted with a powerful combination of ingredients, these flavors feature 10 grams of pea protein, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and MCT Oil in addition to 200mg of caffeine. It also makes a great grab-and-go breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.

Got any recipes?

We love this question. People get wildly creative with ICONIC so follow us at @drinkiconic to stay up to date on what people are making with our drinks. While most of our fans like to drink Immunity Coffee straight up or over ice, here are a few of our favorite recipes you can try:

Vanilla Cake Iced Coffee

Strawberry Avocade Smoothie