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Sample Pack

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Flavor: Variety Pack
x Case(s) = 5 Bottles

Variety Pack

Committment issues? You're in luck. With our sampler pack, you'll get to try one of each of our best-selling flavors: Coconut Matcha, Turmeric Ginger, Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Bean and Café Latte.







Customer Reviews

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New to Protein Shakes - LOVED these!

I am new to protein powders/shakes and have been searching for one that tastes decent and doesn't have a nasty after taste. FINALLY, I came across this brand online. I was intrigued by their "made without..." list and their claim to test each ones taste until it's 100% right. Based on that, I went ahead and chose the sampler pack since I couldn't decide on a flavor. Ultimately, my two favorites are the chocolate and the turmeric ginger (oddly!!!). The vanilla is great and tastes amazing. I tend to go with crazier flavors so I'm assuming that's why I'm more partial to the chocolate and the turmeric ginger. The coconut matcha is...well...it was different. I'd never tried matcha before so that probably has something to do with it. It is very coconuty, which I love. The coffee one isn't fair for me to judge since I'm NOT a coffee drinker so I had two of my coworkers (who love coffee) taste it -- they both LOVED it!
The B-E-S-T thing about these protein shakes is that they have NO weird aftertaste and they taste like what they are. The chocolate is my #1 favorite - it is so smooth and a great before bed dessert! The turmeric ginger would be #2. Vanilla #3. Coconut Matcha #4... and Coffee #5 since I don't drink or like coffee. Oh side note -- I drank all of mine ice cold. I didn't try any at room temperature. In my short experience with at least 5 different brands of protein powders/shakes, they've all had a horrible aftertaste. BUT NOT ICONIC'S! I'm definitely a fan and think I'll be purchasing a pack of the chocolate.

Protein perk

I came across Iconic protein drinks at Market Place because a needed a quick protein recovery after workout. I love the taste and the energy boost without the sugar, carbs or extra chemicals. The added bonus of no stomach upset after 3 weeks of variety product. Thank you. I really enjoy this product.

Great way to try different flavors

I have been getting the chocolate truffle flavor for a while and have enjoyed it, but getting the sampler is allowing me to try the other flavors. I was afraid to try a four pack of the other in case I didn't like them, but I can say I love the turmeric ginger flavor and am so glad I tried it. I still need to try the others, and this is a great way to do it.

Great deal, fast shipping, and Fantastic taste

I have heard that these iconic shakes were great. So glad I had the opportunity to taste them all! They were great tasting and helpful for me to watch my calorie intake, but high protein and low sugar. My grocery store had them on sale this week, so I grabbed more! Thanks for an awesome product.

Taste great!

Was a little skeptical but you all proved me wrong...so far so good!! Taste great !!