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  • Is ICONIC sold anywhere else besides the USA?

    As of now ICONIC is only sold in the U.S., but we hope to be in other parts of the world soon.

  • Is ICONIC safe to drink while pregnant?

    Yes, ICONIC Protein is safe to drink while pregnant.

  • Can ICONIC be used as a meal replacement?

    ICONIC has 20g of protein and 4g of fiber to fill you up, but only 130 calories. We do not suggest as a full meal replacement, but it is ideal for a snack.

  • Where is the source of ICONIC Grass Fed Milk Protein from?

    We source our protein from Ireland where the farmers raise their cows hormone free and allow them to graze in the open pastures over 300 days out of the year.

  • Is ICONIC certified organic?

    No, but ICONIC does contain a mix of organic and natural ingredients. ICONIC contains no artificial ingredients.

  • ICONIC Protein contains Grass Fed Milk Protein Isolate, is this the same as whey protein?

    Our Grass Fed Milk Protein Isolate is actually a mix of whey and casein, and is one of the few milk proteins that is lactose free.

  • Is ICONIC lactose-free?


  • How is ICONIC lactose-free if the label lists "CONTAINS MILK."?

    We understand that those statements seem to be in conflict with one another. The milk protein isolate we use is actually lactose-free, but it does come from the milk of grass-fed hormone free cows. That means legally we are required list "CONTAINS MILK" in the allergen section of the nutrition label.

  • Is ICONIC rBST free?

    Yes, ICONIC is made with protein that is free of any hormones. We use 3rd party lab testing to verify that our products are free of antibiotics and hormones. 

  • Does ICONIC contain wheat or gluten?

    Our product is gluten and wheat free.

  • Which flavors have caffeine? How much caffeine is in them?

    The Cafe Au Lait flavor contains 180mg of caffeine per bottle, while our Coconut Matcha flavor has 80mg of caffeine per bottle.

  • Does ICONIC need to be stored in the refrigerator or can they be stored at room temperature and chilled before drinking?

    ICONIC is “shelf stable”, meaning it can be kept at an ambient temperature. We suggest serving chilled, but it does not have to be kept refrigerated if it has not been opened. Once it has been opened it needs to be refrigerated and should last about a week.

  • What is the shelf life of ICONIC?

    There is a date stamp on each bottle (usually on the top of the cap) that lists the “best by” date.

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