COVID-19 Update

UPDATE 5/27/20:

As always, we are super appreciative of you all for supporting us during this time. After a period of normal shipping times, we are seeing a portion of orders take up to 10+ days to ship from our fulfillment partner (Amazon) due to the added pressure that COVID19 has caused (everyone is ordering online right now). This can be even longer for states such as Hawaii & Alaska. 

Rest assured we are working as hard as we can to resolve these delays going forward. We have never seen delays like this, so we are learning as we go and as the COVID situation develops. Once you place your order, please be patient, all orders are successfully going through to Amazon, but the fulfillment can be delayed. Once your order has shipped, you will receive tracking information via email.

Once again, we appreciate every single one of you for supporting our team of 8 during this time, and we hope to be back to our normal speedy shipping times as soon as possible!

If you have concerns, feel free to email us at, but please only email with your issue once and if you have to add comments, reply to the same email thread. This will help Imogen get to your message as quickly as possible. We are receiving a large amount of messages at the moment, and going through them in the order they came in. Thank you!

UPDATE 4/3/2020:

We are so appreciative of our customers and our community during this time. Thanks to everyone for continuing to support ICONIC®, and for doing your part to give back to your communities. We have seen an unprecedented level of support from our Tribe, and we can not express our gratitude enough to each and every one of you!

As of this week, order fulfillment has returned to normal. We are seeing 95% of orders shipping within 2 days, and standard fulfillment time has returned to 5-7 days. Depending on availability of product with our partners at Amazon, some customers are seeing 2-day delivery. We will keep everyone updated with any changes in our fulfillment operations. If you have any issues with an order, do not hesitate to contact us at or message us through your preferred social media platform.

Below are links to a few blog posts our Community Manager, Imogen, has put together as a resource during this time. For more wellness tips, fun & easy recipes, guided workouts & mediation, and your daily dose of positivity, make sure you follow us on Instagram @drinkiconic. See you there!

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Fun Activities for Couped Up Kids


30 Minute Guided Yoga & Stretching


How to Avoid Cabin Fever While Working from Home


How to Stay Social While Practicing "Social Distancing"

Be well,

Billy Bosch, and the ICONIC Protein Team


To our ICONIC® Tribe...

Please know that we take the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 virus very seriously, and we are prioritizing, above all, the safety of our team, our partners, and our Tribe.

We anticipate delays in order fulfillment, outside of our traditional 3-5 day shipping guarantee. We are doing our best to work with our fulfillment partners at Amazon to provide fast, on-time fulfillment, and complete transparency into any delays as they arise.

We will be unable to offer Priority or Expedited shipping at this time. Please allow 7-10 days for Standard shipping. We are working diligently to ensure all orders are fulfilled within that time frame, but if you have any questions about an order, our team is on standby and happy to help.

If you need anything at all - including home workout suggestions, recipes to add more protein to your dietfun activities to keep your kids busy, or a friendly person to talk to - do not hesitate to contact us at or message us through your preferred social media platform.

Thank you for supporting ICONIC® during this trying time. We are incredibly thankful for the health of our team, and for the opportunity to serve our valued customers with our products, knowledge, and service. We're all in this together!

Be well,

Billy Bosch, and the ICONIC Protein Team