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Meal Prepping School Lunches

Meal Prepping School Lunches

Between getting the kids up, remembering the gym bag, and finishing homework, that window of time before the kids rush off to school feels like chaos. And if that isn't enough, add on preparing a packed lunch and the mornings can start to feel more and more overwhelming. We've got some ideas to help you save time in the morning, while still providing yummy lunches for your little people!

Tips & Tricks

  • Be flexible. Choose a main component of the lunch each day and build around it. You can prep or buy snacks/sides to go along with each main (we're thinking fruit, yogurt, nuts, cheese, snack bars, ICONIC Kids protein drinks) to use all week. Remember you might also have some dinner leftovers that can double up as lunches on some days. 
  • Prep prep prep. Wash and cut your fruit in advance. Batch prepare your veggies by slicing them up for easy sides or sandwich/wrap additions. Make high protein snacks such as hard-boiled eggs, tuna salad, or hummus. 
  • Get the kids involved. Once you have everything prepped, it is super easy for kids to help put together their own lunch box! 

Your Sunday Lunch Prep Plan

  1. Hard-boil some eggs. You can cut these up and use them as an extra protein boost. 
  2. Make a big batch of hummus, there are some super easy recipes out there that only take 5 min! This is one of our favorites.
  3. Cut your veggies. Cucumbers and bell peppers can be dipped in ranch dressing or hummus. And you can also use them as fillings in sandwiches or wraps.
  4. Make a batch of these protein Rice Krispie Treats to add a post lunch sweet snack to the lunches.
  5. ICONIC Kids! These are great replacements for sugary snacks and are shelf stable so don't need to refrigerated throughout the day.

A Week's Worth of Easy Kid-Friendly School Lunches from Allrecipes.com

Monday: Ham Pinwheels

Tuck some sliced cucumbers into a ham wrap (you can prep this beforehand and wrap in foil to hold its shape). Opt for coconut flour wraps, grain free, or whole-grain tortillas or wraps to bump up the fiber. Add an ICONIC Kids protein drink, piece of fruit, and a yogurt to complete Mondays lunch. 

Tuesday: Veggie Bagel

Use mini whole-grain bagels (doubling up for extra hungry kids or teens) and use the freshly cut veggies with the homemade hummus. Pack this with an ICONIC Kids protein drink, grapes, and a hardboiled egg for extra protein.

Wednesday: Crunchy Brunch Wrap

Use up the leftover whole-grain tortillas from Monday to make this crunchy wrap. Add peanut butter, honey, banana, and sprinkle with a high protein crispy cereal (such as Kellogs Special K). Pack with a side of veggies and hummus for dipping, and an ICONIC Kids protein drink. 

Thursday: Bits and Bites 

Kids will love this assortment of finger food, and is a great way to use up any leftover foods from the week (ham, sliced veg, hummus). Add crackers, cheese, and fruit to round out the meal. Throw in an ICONIC Kids protein drink for extra protein. 

Friday: Easy Mini Bagel Pizzas

Who doesn't love Pizza Fridays? Use up the leftover bagels from Tuesday and prep the night before. You can either use a pre bought pizza sauce, or make it yourself, we love this recipe. Top with cheese and toppings! Bake in the over at 425 for 6 minutes (or until the cheese browns) and store in the fridge until the next morning. Add a piece of fruit to round off Friday lunch.

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