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Kids Butterfly Origami

Kids Butterfly Origami

Schools out, and summer activities are in! To celebrate the launch of our ICONIC Kids line, we have rustled up some kid friendly crafty activities you can do at home.

This is a great intro to the world of origami, as it uses basic folds and is easy to follow. You can use the finished butterflies to create a hanging mobile, decorate a wall, or convert a room into a butterfly house!

You will need:

  • A square sheet of paper (any size works, the larger the square, the larger the butterfly!)
  • Scissors
  • A pipe cleaner, piece of ribbon, wire, or thread

Steps (images below)

  1. Start by cutting your square piece of paper in half
  2. Put one piece aside for later, take the other piece and fold it in half LENGTH way, so you are left with a long thin folder paper
  3. Open it up and fold in the corners, so you have a rectangle with pointy ends.
  4. Fold in half again (color side facing out if you're paper isn't double sided)
  5. Next you will need to concertina each side (like making a paper fan)
  6. Next take the second piece of your rectangle cut paper and concertina across the short width
  7. Fold both pieces in half
  8. Add the smaller paper underneath the larger one, and tie in the middle with a pipe cleaner, wire, or ribbon
  9. Take your butterfly to the skies!

kids butterfly origami

Kids Butterfly Origami

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