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Food Trends to Watch in 2020

Food Trends to Watch in 2020

Hard to believe we’re already at the tail end of 2019, but here we are. And because this year’s been flying by, we thought it was a good time to pause and reflect. Where’s our food headed? Which food trends are worth getting excited about — and which can you definitely skip? Looking at you, artificially dyed rainbow bagels, freakshakes, and who-knows-what-else.

Since we work in the food and bev industry, we think we’ve got a pretty solid finger on the pulse of food trends. And here are five we’re pretty hyped about. 

  • Pump up with plant-based meat. In case you haven’t noticed, vegetarian “meat” is taking the fast-food world by storm. You can get the Impossible Whopper at Burger King, the Beyond Meat taco salad at Del Taco, or the Beyond Meat Famous Star at Carl’s Jr. Faux meat has made major strides in recent years. If you haven’t grilled up a plant-based patty in a while, take it for a spin. You’ll be amazed at how far the flavor and texture have come. 

  • Fat is back. Move over, low-fat everything. We’re into fat — and in a big way. Yes, this is thanks in part to keto and paleo diets. But it’s also thanks to the fact that we’re learning about the ways our body needs fat. Because who wants to leave their brain without the fuel it needs? 

  • Sugar gets the boot. We’ve long been talking about how bad sugar is for us, but we’re just starting to see the food industry actually shift. Think: smaller cans of soda, fewer added sugars, and alternative, healthier sweeteners. Want an example? We turned to monkfruit, a totally natural sweetener, to make our ICONIC drinks delish without addictive, health-risk-causing sugar. 

  • Our palates go exploring. Za’atar. Jackfruit. Moringa. We’re getting access to new flavors all the time. As the world gets smaller, our food options are only getting bigger. Adventurous eaters, rejoice! 

  • We fixate on fermented foods. Now that the public conversation about gut health is well underway, more and more people are turning to probiotic-rich fermented foods to keep their stomachs happy. Whether you’re into sipping a fizzy kombucha or adding some kick with kimchi, you know you’re doing right by your gut. 

  • Eat well and be well,

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